About HRG Collection

HRG Collection is a new fashion label from the US, founded in 2018 by Harold R Gray. The name HRG Collection came from the admiration of his fathers Work Ethic, Hustle, Drive, And Passion For Success by using his initials to Create The Brand during a time when his father was battling dementia. Admiration of brands like Air Jordan, Nike, Fubu, Polo Ralph Lauren, The Marathon Clothing, Armani Exchange, and Hugo Boss all Inspired the vision for HRG Collection. The meaning of the Acronym HRG Collection is Habits Reflect Greatness. The Goal is Raising awareness about the Power of One’s Self. The Aim is striving for Greatness as it is important to Harold for people to express their individuality and lead their own version of Greatness whether it conforms to popular trends or not. 

​Having studied business and economics, it was always clear to Harold that starting up his own business was the way to go. With his profound adoration and  knowledge of the fashion industry, he combined both business and fashion to develop  the HRG Collection.